Arts Grants

Rec Team Nigel • 15 September 2020

Applications for the City of Melbourne's annual arts grants are now open!

Grants are available to artists, creatives and small to medium arts organisations from all backgrounds and abilities in three categories:

  • arts projects
  • Aboriginal arts projects
  • arts residencies.

Support will be considered for one-off projects, a specific component of an annual program or a creative development, resulting in a public outcome within the City of Melbourne boundaries in 2021. 

Projects presented online and creative developments without a public outcome will also be eligible if they can demonstrate a connection to the City of Melbourne.

The arts grants are a fantastic opportunity for those with immense talent to get assistance from the local government to turns their dreams into reality.

Some of the projects that can be given an arts grant are:

  • composing
  • painting
  • sculpting
  • dancing
  • writing
  • performing
  • film

If you have a passion in one of the above areas and a project you want to get started on, considering applying for a grant!


The following links are resources to help you if you decide to apply for a grant:

For guidelines on the annual arts grants, click here.

For tips on writing a grant application, watch this video.

For more information about the City of Melbourne's annual arts grants, click here.


To apply for a grant, use the relevant links below:

To apply for an arts or Aboriginal arts project, click here.

To apply for arts residency, click here.


70 artists and organisations received funding in 2020 (click here to view the list), so if you want to be one of the lucky recipients in 2021, apply before it's too late!

Applications close 28 September 2020.