How to Set up your Profile

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How-To Set up your profile


Now that you’ve created an account for the Online Community, it’s time to set up your profile! This is a chance for you to introduce yourself to fellow community members, and to have a bit of fun socially.


Deciding on what kind of profile is appropriate

Before we get started, it’s important to discuss some key concepts: Anonymity, Privacy, Professional Profiles and Community Identity.


Anonymity: You can choose to keep your real identity relatively private and separate from your community identity. You do this by creating a nickname not based on your real name, and by uploading an image for your profile that masks your identity.


Privacy: To support anonymity - and given that the information you and others share in the community is generally available on the Internet through Google searches etc, you may want to keep a level of privacy in the information you choose to share about yourself.  For example, how much written description do you provide, how much do you say about your locations, and how much do you say about your personal interests and hobbies? Unless you are a Holmesglen staff member, we generally recommend you don’t provide your phone number, email address or other contact details in your profile.


Professional Profile: You may also wish to use the community to post things related to your prospective career/ career aspirations, and reference those posts when applying for jobs etc. In this case, your profile would be best in a professional style suited to your industry.


You might choose to do be more anonymous for a number of good reasons:

  • You want to feel comfortable asking questions that you might feel embarrassed asking.

  • You may want to ask questions about a sensitive topic.

  • You are a naturally private or shy person, or you feel uncomfortable exposing details about yourself to the general Internet.

Note: you can always change your profile later. It's OK to start with a private or anonymous profile, and develop it into a more professional public profile later.


Setting up your profile

Here’s how you do that:


Create an Account

Once you’ve registered your account and you’re logged in, navigate to your profile by clicking on the profile navigation icon in the top-right menu bar, next to the “select your language” option. This may show as either a gray silhouette person avatar, or your current photo - and select “Edit profile” from the pop-up menu.


Edit your Profile Page:

On this page, you have control over what information you enter to be displayed on your profile page.


Firstly; nickname. You can choose to either have your real name on the Holmesglen Online Community or use a nickname. Make sure your choice aligns with our Terms and Conditions.


Next, set your Profile image. Here you can display a photo of yourself if you choose to. Or if you want to put something else up, that’s okay! Again, just make sure it’s aligned with the service Terms and Conditions.

You might want to think about:


Now set your Banner image. Here you can get a bit more creative, and showcase things you are passionate about that will help people connect with you. If you don't have any good photos yourself, you might use a free image service such as Unsplash or FreeImages.


Function and Organization:


Function: What do you consider your primary work role? For students, this might be the title of the job you are intending to work in.

For Holmesglen staff, this might equate to your job title or primary role at Holmesglen.


Organization: Who you work for or who which organisation you want your profile to represent.

For Holmesglen staff, put Holmesglen and your department. (example: Holmesglen, Department of IT)


Self Introduction: In this space you can introduce yourself as much as you want; however, pay attention to the comments within this guide and in the Terms and Conditions.


Expertise: What are you an expert in, that you are prepared to share with the community? What would you be happy to discuss with other community members? Don’t choose anything that you don’t want to discuss on the community.


Interests: What do you like, what do you like to do? Soccer? Swimming? These help other community members to connect with you and who you are.


Holmesglen Location: This allows you to optionally enter where you consider your location in relation to Holmesglen. This could be the campus you are primarily at or Intending to go to, or which country you’re currently in.


Notifications: No ones likes to be spammed with lots of email. The online community enables you to configure how you'd like to be notified by email about community activity.


Just like before, Clicking on the profile navigation icon in the top-right menu bar, next to “select your language” option. This may show as either a gray silhouette person avatar, or your current photo - now select “Settings” from the pop-up menu.


If you scroll to the bottom if this page, you are presented with a list of notification settings you can change.


You have 4 options:

  1. None - You won’t receive notifications for this if you have selected none.

  2. Immediately - You will get an email notification as soon as it happens.

  3. Daily - On a daily basis you will receive an email notification as a summary.

  4. Weekly - On a weekly basis you will receive an email with a notification summary.


Congratulations! Your profile is set up and is ready to go.


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