Introducing Malshani. She has been studying at Holmesglen for three and a half years and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Business Administration. Hear about how Malshani and her household are navigating life in a share house during these challenging times. 

Malshani at Holmesglen

Tell us about your course

I’m studying a Bachelor of Business Administration. It is a good course for gaining knowledge about all elements of business. If someone is planning to start their own business this is a great course to take and, in my opinion, Holmesglen is the best place to study it. 


What is your home country like?

I’m from Sri Lanka and, as many know, Sri Lanka is a very nice country. I was working in media there as a TV program presenter. I had my own little business, too. I’m someone who has always wanted to start my own business and I did many different things while I was in schooling. My parents have their own businesses so I think that’s why I have always had the thought, ‘Start a Business Malshani, start a business’. That’s why I’m here today. 


What is your current living situation?

I started living in Holmesglen’s student accommodation in 2018  so I’ve been here for more than two years now. This is the best place I ever found to live in Melbourne. Everything is so convenient for me. Also, it’s a secure place for a girl who would otherwise be living alone. Our caretaker, Michael, is a very nice person and very relatable. He is like a father figure to our house. 


What are some of the challenges you face in a share house?

There are six girls in the house from different countries and therefore different cultures. We all have to understand each other. If we see something going wrong, we sometimes feel embarrassed or upset and we used to avoid talking about it. I decided to make a WhatsApp group so my roommates can feel free to talk about anything they’re uncomfortable with. Now, there are fewer issues with each other, we know each other well and we care about each other too.


What are some of the things your household is doing to stay entertained and maintain mental health?

We watch movies together on weekends and sometimes we cook foods from our home countries. 

I also started planting vegetables in our backyard. As I lost my job due to the current situation, I have started my own crafts business making cards. 

Malshani's Vegetable Garden Progress
Progress! Malshani's vegetable patch


What are some of the practises your household has put in place in light of social distancing requirements and safety guidelines?

If we go out, we are sure to wash our hands and clean our clothes once we come home. We had a chat about kitchen cleaning. Now we use our own utensils in the kitchen, rather than sharing like we used to. Also, as we are all at home these days, whenever we talk to each other we keep our distance. 


What are some of the biggest hurdles you’ve had to face during this time of lockdown and what supports have helped you overcome them?

I lost my job so I was really worried about bills, rent and food. But Holmesglen is the best  they offered for us to stay rent-free at their accommodation for six months. They sent heaps of food and groceries. They’re always contacting us and keeping in touch regarding our needs. They have also allowed more time to pay and settle tuition fees. As always, I say Holmesglen is my second home.

Food from Holmesglen
Food from Holmesglen


How are you remaining connected to family and friends in your home country? 

I talk to my parents every day. My mum calls me more than four times a day as she is worried about me living away from home. I tell her, ‘I’m not alone. There are six girls in the house and we are like a family now. Michael, our caretaker, is here for us and Holmesglen care about us so I’m not alone.’


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