Q & A: How one international student is managing online study

Jasmine - International Centre
Jasmine - International Centre • 27 April 2020
Online Study

Meet Sonela: an international student from Mauritius, studying a Bachelor of Accounting. We spoke with Sonela to hear her Holmesglen story and get an inside look into how she’s navigating this new way of learning, all while being away from her home country.



What course are you taking?

I am currently doing my Bachelor of Business Accounting at Holmesglen Chadstone Campus. I am enjoying the course so far and learning new skills that are preparing me for my career as a future accountant. Through this course, I am able to develop an understanding of the accounting principles and practices.


How long have you been studying at Holmesglen for?

I have been studying at Holmesglen for three years now. I have studied a Diploma of Early Childhood for two years before and then started my Bachelor in Accounting. I chose to continue my studies at Holmesglen because of its warm and friendly environment. I must admit that in both field of studies I have had outstanding support from my teachers and the services available to students on campus.


What is your home country like?

Mauritius is a multicultural paradise island. It is found in the Indian Ocean. It has a contrast of a multitude of colours and tastes and this contributes to its beauty. The beaches and resorts are amazing and we get a lot of visitors because of that. It is surely a great place for holidays to refresh your soul and be away from the stress. Most of the people are friendly and we speak several languages such as the Mauritian Creole, French, English and oriental languages. There’s plenty to see in Mauritius and if you get a chance to visit the Island (after the pandemic of course!) please do so, you won’t regret it.


What was your transition like from in-classroom learning to learning from home?

I would say 50/50 because it was quite confusing and strange at first, but I really appreciate the efforts of Holmesglen tutors. They make sure we do not miss anything and stay up to date with our studies. They provide us with the necessary support and ensure the delivery of the course is smooth. However, we do have issues with technology sometimes which can be quite frustrating.


What does your day studying from home typically look like?

I have class as per my timetable. I have my classes in my room and get out for breaks/lunch then get back in again. I will also go out a bit for a short walk to breathe a bit of fresh air and stretch out. It is good to have breaks in between to renew the energy and get back to studying with a clear and relaxed mind.


How you have you set up your study space at home?

My study space is in my room but during the day when I don’t have classes I like to study in the dining room (away from my bed) because it’s quiet and no one is home. For me, it is good to be out of the room for a bit because it tends to be monotonous.  


Sonela's study space
Sonela's study space


What have you found most challenging about studying from home?

The most challenging thing about studying home is that I have the tendency to procrastinate more and it’s not easy to keep the motivation going. It also takes out the benefits of having friends around to socialise. Normal classes may have been hard but having your friends around makes it more manageable somehow.


What is your favourite part?

My favourite part about studying from home is that I don’t spend money on coffees anymore. I make my own coffee at home.  


What are some of your tips for adapting to studying online?

  • Have an organised study place
  • Have breaks in between to refresh
  • Participate in the online classes
  •  Make sure you have access to internet
  • Ask teachers for help if needed


How have you been managing being away from home at this time?

It is hard to be away from my family during this situation but I talk with my parents regularly through WhatsApp to check on them and for them to know that I am safe as well. It is same for my friends — we try to text from time to time to check on each other.


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