TW - this post discusses family violence. If you find this content triggering, please contact the National Sexual Assault Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service on

1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). 


Domestic & Family Violence Myth busters



This article explores the common myths surroundiong domestic and family violence. 

We're sharing some really valuable myths published by The Diversity Council of Australia. To find out more, click here.

Myth #1: “Domestic and family violence doesn’t have anything to do with the workplace”

Reality: Domestic and family violence is a workplace issue. If an employee is living with, or using, domestic and family violence, it will have an impact on the workplace.

Myth #2: “Domestic and family violence only happens to [straight-cisgender] women”

Reality: Men can be victims of domestic and family violence. However, women and gender diverse people experience domestic and family violence at rates much higher than men.

Myth #3: “There aren’t any ‘perpetrators’ or ‘victims’ at our workplace”

Reality: There is no ‘typical’ or ‘standard’ person who uses or experiences domestic and family violence.

Myth #4: “It’s not that bad, he doesn’t hit her”

Reality: Violence can take many forms, and physical violence is only one of them.

MYTH #5: “I don't want to get involved - its none of my business…”

Reality: Violence is everyone’s business, including workplaces. If you see it, or hear about it, it becomes your business.

Myth #6: “We aren’t therapists or lawyers, there’s nothing we can do.”

Reality: HR or managers can often be first responders to disclosures or revelations of domestic and family violence.

Myth #7: “If anyone at our organisation did that, we would just fire them…”

Reality: We need to stop it before it starts.