Learning Skills on Brightspace

Learning Skills Centre Jo G
Learning Skills Centre Jo G Holmesglen Staff • 20 February 2024

Looking for study support online?

The Learning Skills Centre (LSC) has its own Brightspace site that provides valuable resources to help students develop learning, study and academic skills. Here are just some of the useful topics you'll find:

·         Learn how to set goals 

          Tips on time management

·         Understand your own learning style to improve study habits

·         Effective reading strategies to prepare for assignments 

          Tips on note-taking

·         Learn the difference between reports and essays

·         Develop your writing skills – formal language, paraphrasing and general writing skills

·         Presentation tips to develop your speaking and listening skills 

·         Learn a range of computer skills to help with your studies

 There's also info about how to contact LSC, links to blogs and free workshops.

 To enrol in LSC on Brightspace:

Log into Brightspace

Click on Holmesglen logo on left of screen

Scroll down to "Study and Computer Skill resources?" box 

Click on Open Course

LSC module will then open in Brightspace;

LSC will now appear in the "9 squares" courses menu

Start exploring!

 At LSC our aim is to build the skills you need for your study success.