William O'Sullivan

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Community Manager Community Staff • 24 July 2020

William O'Sullivan


Will O Sullivan


Will recently completed his MSF40213 Certificate IV in Furniture Design and Technology at Holmesglen. He shared about his course, final project design and future plans. 


What are you planning to do next? 

Now that I have completed Cert IV, I am hoping to find work with a designer maker to broaden my skills and experience. Eventually I would like to start my own brand, open up my own workshop and create bespoke furniture. 



What was the inspiration behind your furniture design? 

Since I started studying furniture design I have taken a keen interest in art deco furniture style. I love the use of different materials and how they complement each other, especially the use of dark timber and bright shine of the copper. 

It's made with Victorian Ash, stained with a walnut colour with copper details and finished with a clear lacquer. 


Why did you choose to study furniture design? 

I have been a carpenter since I left school working mostly on building sites and I started to lose interest in the work, especially the roughness and dirtiness of building sites. Whilst in London I applied for a job with a joinery firm, there I helped work on a couple of pieces of furniture. I really enjoyed working with nice timber as well as the skill and finesse involved in making quality pieces of furniture. When I returned to Melbourne I found it quite difficult to get any work with furniture makers so I decided to study furniture design. 


Why did you choose to study at Holmesglen? 

The furniture design course at Holmesglen offered a good mixture of designing and making and the teachers do a great job and are very knowledgeable and helpful. 


What did you enjoy about studying this course at Holmesglen? 

I really enjoyed the challenge of the course, given that I don't have any previous experience in design or drawing I felt I started a bit behind the 8 ball but the tutors were very helpful and patient with me which helped me rapidly progress. 

The workshop at Holmesglen is incredible as well in terms of the size and the machinery. 

Will's project

What qualities do you think make a good furniture designer? 

I think a good furniture designer has expert knowledge and experience in the industry, is up to date with modern technology as well as traditional techniques. 

They must be creative, good at drawing and communicating as well as having a good knowledge of different materials and how to use them. 


What advice would you give to someone considering studying furniture design? 

I would say go for it! I loved studying furniture design, it can be a bit of a roller coaster of emotions at times but well worth it in the end. 


You can see more of Will's work on his Instagram account, @willj_89 


Will's work