Kin Nam Kong

Community Manager
Community Manager Community Staff • 22 July 2020

Kin Nam Kong


Kin studied the Certificate IV in Furniture Design and Technology at Holmesglen. He spoke to us about his design inspiration, course experience and future ambitions.


Kin with the light box he created for his final project


What are you planning to do next?

I’m planning to start my career. I'd also like to start a YouYube channel for my wood work as I’d like to share my ideas with others who love wood work.


Tell us about your designs

Japanese wood work has always fascinated me, so I chose a Japanese traditional wood working style in my project - KUMIKO.

KUMIKO is a delicate and sophisticated technique of assembling wooden pieces without the use of nails. Thinly slit wooden pieces are grooved, punched and mortised, and then fitted individually using a plane, saw, chisel and other tools to make fine adjustments. 

I used MDF for the body and some hard woods (black wood or ash) for the frame pattern. 


Kin's work
The light box Kin created for his final project


Why did you choose to study Furniture Design at Holmesglen?

My dream is to be a sophisticated wood worker and to create some intriguing pieces. So I chose Holmesglen as a reputable institution. 

I love the environment at Holmesglen. On campus, there are plenty of rooms and machines. Teachers are professional and very helpful.  


What advice do you have for someone wanting to study furniture design?

A furniture designer needs to enjoy a challenge and be innovative. 

If someone is considering studying furniture design, I strongly recommend choosing Holmesglen. The teachers can excite your capabilities and provide a a great study environment, where you will gain a deeper understanding of the work. 

Kin's barstool
Kin's barstool