Hyunjun Shim

Community Manager
Community Manager Community Staff • 23 July 2020

Hyunjun Shim


Hyunjun completed his MSF40213 Certificate IV in Furniture Design and Technology this year. He told us about his course and his final semester design project. 


Hyunjun Shim


What are you planning on doing next?

There are no great plans yet. Perhaps I will gain field experience at the shop fitting company where I am currently working.


Can you tell us about your coffee table design?

I tried to show the beauty of empty spaces, and also, I tried to minimise the amount of materials to simplify the design. I used American walnut (timber), brass standoff caps and clear glass 

Hyunjun's coffee table

Why did you choose to study furniture design and why Holmesglen?

I wanted to take a professional class with hands-on practice, so I chose Homesglen with its great facilities and environment. 


What qualities do you think make a good furniture designer?

The good qualities I think are uncompromising patience and attention to detail.


What advice would you give someone considering studying furniture design?

If you have a dream of designing or creating something, furniture design is a good starting point. It's not easy, but I love incorporating design with the production process and using a variety of materials. 


You can follow Hyunjun's work on Instagram, @shimt84