Get Job Ready Workshop - Cover Letter & Resume for International Students (February)

Ella Pace
Ella Pace

Get Job Ready with Holmesglen's Employment Centre - Cover Letter & Resume

As part of the International Students O'Week!

About this workshop

If you are not getting the desired responses from your job applications, you might want to explore how to best highlight your skills to compete with other job seekers.

Our workshop will guide you through the process of creating or updating your resumé, to address the requirements of your dream job.

This includes:

  • What to look for when reading and evaluating job opportunities
  • How to highlight your skills and strengths when marketing yourself to a prospective employer
  • How to identify your transferable skills, even when changing your career pathway
  • How to review your resume for relevancy, to meet the job criteria
  • How to write a great cover letter


What you will need:

  • Download the Resume Proforma document. This will be emailed to you before the session begins.

This Resume workshop is brought to you by Industry Professionals at the Holmesglen Employment Centre, to provide you with the tips, hints and tricks to help you in presenting your personal qualities and expertise.


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